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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Explain exactly what mining is.
  • Why you make money by mining, and why it is an investment for the future.
  • What are the different types of mining and which one to choose?
  • What solutions we provide and why work with us.
  • Answers to our customers' frequently asked questions (Temperature, Wear, Electrical conditions, Internet connection, etc.)


The basics of crypto-currency mining

Without going into the technical details, we will explain to you what a miner does and how it generates you crypto-currencies.

Whether it is Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, these crypto currencies operate on a blockchain, which is a register of transactions (like a digital book where all transactions are recorded from one person to another). To "note" these transactions on the blockchain and secure them, they must be encrypted.

And that's where the miner comes in. Thanks to specific machines and high computing power, it will secure transactions on the blockchain.

These computational powers are expressed in Hash per second (MH/S, GH/S, TH/S) or in Soils per second (Sol/S, MSol/S, GSol/S). You will have understood it the more powerful a machine is to undermine the transactions of a cryptocurrency the more powerful this measure will be.

But in order to be able to offer a remuneration to these miners, each currency that can be mined gives a reward in this currency (Bitcoins for the bitcoin blockchain for example) and this is how monetary creation is done on these currencies.

And so the more powerful our mining power is on this cryptocurrency, the more we will receive crypto currencies as a reward. So we can represent this with a decentralized banknote sheet where everyone can participate.

To then collect this miner currency, you just need to create or have a portfolio of crypto-currencies. And to inform on your miner the address of your miner. This way, your earnings will automatically be credited to your portfolio.


The miners in 2020

For the choice of your mining equipment, know that there is today a very wide choice of cryptocurrencies to mine and therefore of mining machines.

ASIC miners: Asics miners, are second generation machines created exclusively for mining. These are much better adapted to mining, are much more profitable and often have a lower consumption. Today the dominance of ASICs is such that it seems rather illogical to turn to miners by graphic card. To give you an idea of these yields, you will find a ranking of the best miners by current profitability HERE


Why buy from Crypto Rock LLC?

We are committed to several aspects to support you in your purchases. In addition to the live chat and technical support available 7 days a week, your equipment has a longer warranty period than that offered by the manufacturers. We are in public domain and verified by real time reviews of our customers on independent review platforms such as TRUSTPILOT & CRYPTWERK. Find our profile on these platforms by simply clicking on review section on main home page.


Frequently asked questions during the first purchase:

  • What is the profitability of the miner?
    • It depends a lot on the parameter, it would be quite difficult to give a profitability at a time T, so much the prices of crypto-currencies vary quickly. However, for the most profitable miners, an indicative ranking of profitability is available HERE.

  • Do I have to be a computer scientist to use your miners?
    • Absolutely not, and even less so for ASICs despite what one might think. All they have to do is connect them to the network via ethernet cable and enter their digital wallet address.

  • Am I accompanied to the placement of my miner?
    • First of all, you should know that each of our miners comes with a manual that explains in a few steps how to use it. These notices are available in the support area of our online store. Then in case of difficulty our technical team can assist you in the installation of your equipment.

  • Do I need to be specifically equipped with electricity to mine?
    • For up to two or three miners, a standard electrical installation is more than enough.

  • At what temperature should my room be mined?
    • This again depends on the number of miners, but a fairly large space with air circulation is sufficient to store two or three miners. Ideally, the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees when the miners are turning.

  • Do I need to be specifically equipped with internet to mine?
    • Not at all, miners consume very little bandwidth. The information exchanged is only a small amount of data. A simple modem is enough for a few miners.

 Yes, I understood everything! What to buy now?

Now that you have a better idea of how mining works, here is how to choose your miner according to your profile.

  • I am looking for high entry profitability, and therefore I want the most profitable miners:
    • All right, at this point we recommend two sections of the site. First, our ranking of miners by profitability available HERE. In this link you will find the most profitable miners of the moment.

  • I want to mine very safe currencies like Bitcoin because I believe in a long-term rise in these currencies:
    • If you have identified which currency you want to mine exactly you have two choices that are yours. Directly choose the category of miner in the shop tab and for example "Bitcoin Miners" in the ASICs submenu of the shop.

How do you accept payment?

·         We accept payment in cryptocurrency BITCOIN, ETEHREUM, ZCASH & other cryptocurrencies through a KYC(Know Your Customer) verified third party payment processor Plisio Commerce for tansparency, traceability, lightening fast transactions & complete purchase protection.

Are there any processing fees?

  • All orders are processed totally free at our online store.

How can I track my order once it has shipped?

  • Just use our Order Status page. It's integrated with Freight services order tracking systems. When you inquire about the status of your order, we pass tracking information to the courier and provide you the results. You will also receive real-time tracking number which you can use to track your shipment on freight service’s website directly if you want.

Will you pay for return shipping of defective merchandise?

  •  Once we conclude the product is defective, we will credit the cost of ground shipping back to you.

What should I do if my package is damaged, tampered with, misdelivered, or lost?

  • For damaged, tampered with and misbelieved packages, please email Customer Service within three days of your delivery date.
  • For lost packages, please email Customer Service at within two weeks of your expected delivery date.

What happens if a package has the wrong address?

  • For orders placed online, any error in the address that results in a charge from the freight courier is the responsibility of the customer.

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